Why Yoga for Kids?

Practice yoga, be healthy and live well!

Everyone knows that yoga for kids is a great way to get some exercise and stay flexible, and the classes for kids at Yoga Playgrounds are much faster paced and noisier than a traditional yoga class for adults. But the wonderful thing about yoga for kids is that it can also be used to teach them about self-confidence, discipline, stress management, and even respect.

ACP--7-2For example, balancing poses have a positive effect on mental and emotional balance, and group poses can encourage team work and cooperation. When kids practice individual poses and get better at them, which they all eventually do, their focus improves…and not just in yoga class but in the classroom as well. Yoga can accommodate all body shapes and sizes, and everything is learned in a fun, non-competitive environment, so kids are less apt to judge themselves or others.

Asanas (poses), along with pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation techniques and yogic philosophy can really help kids become more conscious of their movements and behaviors. Kids today are under a lot of pressure to succeed, both academically and socially, and yoga can give kids the tools they need to concentrate better, learn better and be more relaxed….tools that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Plus, yoga for kids is just plain fun!

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

  • ACP-2166It calms and clears the mind, to help kids relax
  • It helps develop self-discipline and self control
  • It encourages respect for self and others
  • It increases self-esteem and confidence
  • It builds physical and mental strength
  • It improves posture, balance and coordination
  • It encourages a cooperative spirit
  • It is non competitive
  • It is ENERGETIC and FUN!

Benefits of Kids Yoga for Schools

  • It encourages kids to be more mindful of their thoughts, words and actions, which improves peer to peer relationships
  • It supports anti bullying education
  • It improves listening skills
  • It eases the tension and worry that can accompany schoolwork
  • It encourages kids to be in the present moment, which is ideal for learning
  • It increases attention span and improves concentration
  • It helps improve posture, which helps kids sit comfortably longer
  • Kids learn that taking a deep breath can help clear their minds, refocus and concentrate on their schoolwork
  • It supports a school environment where everyone respects themselves and others
  • It requires no special equipment or special space from the school
  • Classes are aligned with state and national PE standards
  • It creates a calm, peaceful classroom
  • It is easy for teachers to monitor the positive impact of the classes